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Public Works

City Maintenance Staff
Kevin Lackey & Trevor Saunders

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the city’s water and sewer utilities, snow removal, street maintenance, service fleet vehicles and equipment, mowing, parks and recreation upkeep as well as many other duties.  The department provides Highland residents and businesses efficient, personable service through effective management of public infrastructure and support services.  The City Maintenance shop is located at 203 N. Genesee Street.

Help Prevent Sewer Backups
Everyone can contribute to the success of sewer lines flowing freely whether it is in your home, business, apartment or public places.  Only two items are flushable – human waste and toilet paper.  All other items are to be disposed of in the trash.  “Disposable” or “flushable” wipes are not to be flushed as they do not break down like toilet paper and can clog the home’s plumbing system and/or the city’s sewage pumps.  F.O.G. (Fats, Oils and Grease) also contribute to clogged sewer pipes.  All grease and grease products should be disposed of in the trash.  City Emergency numbers:  City Hall (785) 442-3765, Aaron Leach (785) 741-1131 or Trevor Saunders (785) 741-4919

What Not to Flush
Preventing Sewer Backups
Frequently Asked Questions
Printable Bathroom Poster
Disposal Of Food Scraps, Fats, Oil & Grease

Contact Us
City Hall
PO Box 387
220 West Main St.
Highland, Kansas 66035
Voice:  785-442-3765
Fax:  785-444-2489
Non-Emergency:  785-442-3838
Emergency:  9-1-1
Non-Emergency:  785-442-3212
Emergency:  9-1-1
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