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Doniphan County, Kansas

Doniphan County was organized on September 18, 1855, as one of the 33 original counties organized by the Territorial Legislature. It was founded by Joel P. Blair; E. B. Rogers; and A. Dunning, and contains the cities of Troy, Highland, White Cloud, Denton, Elwood, Wathena, Leona and Severance. It was named for General Alexander Doniphan, of Mexican War fame. It is said that in the county seat war between Troy and Wathena, the story is told of a cannon that was stolen nightly by one town or the other, depending on who had it in their possession, until finally someone sunk it in the local creek. It was also told that the county records were treated in the same manner.

Doniphan County is known as the "birthplace" in Kansas of "squatter sovereignty," with the creation of the Squatter Association of Kansas in the county in 1854. Read More  (Taken from kansapedia Kansas Historical Society)

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Doniphan County, Kansas

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