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Building Permits

Whenever you build a new house, garage, shed whatever the construction might be you must first check at the City Clerk’s office to see if you are following the guidelines in the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  Certain set-backs are required from the street-right-of-way, neighboring property owner’s property lines and alleys’ as well as height of the building and lot coverage.  If the building permit is approved there is a charge and a permit issued to you.  Full Article

Animal Licenses and Control

At this time the City only requires dog licenses, however, considerable discussions have been held among the governing body about the cat problem the city has and this issue may be addressed in the near future.  Full Article

ATV’S and Other Off-Road Vehicles

ATV’s, 4-wheelers and similar off-road vehicles cannot be driven on city streets unless you are going to or from town and you must take the shortest route in both instances.  If re-fueling is necessary you must do this on your way in or out of town.  Full Article

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