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In January of 2011, Highland PRIDE voted to raise $7,000 to purchase lighted snowflakes for the downtown streetlights and become the self-proclaimed “Snowflake City of Kansas.” snowflake1 The City Council agreed to pay for the decorations, with Highland PRIDE agreeing to reimburse the City.  To gain support, the project was introduced through the local newspaper including the need to raise financial capital to pay for it.

The first PRIDE fundraiser was a fried chicken dinner.  A total of 40 volunteers helped by frying 300 lbs. of chicken, donating homemade desserts and hot rolls, running the dishwasher, serving drinks and food, clearing tables, and clean-up.  Volunteers included PRIDE members, Doniphan West High School students, Highland Community College students, and Highland citizens.  A crowd of 300 attended the free-will offering dinner.  After expenses were paid, $2,157.61 was dedicated to repayment.  On July 4, 2011, Highland PRIDE sponsored homemade ice-cream and homemade desserts social at the stadium.  A free-will offering generated a profit of $446.82.  At this point, the community had already raised over one third of the money necessary.  This is an example of community Financial Capital.

Throughout the year, several businesses and many citizens saved aluminum cans, which generated $624 to be added to the decoration funds.  Former Highland residents mailed donations to PRIDE for a total of $526.25.  The local library sponsored a book sale in September of 2011, and Highland PRIDE decided to hold a bake sale in the same location.  Homemade pastries, breads, noodles, candy, etc., were donated, which generated a profit of $723.40 that was added to our goal.

December 17, 2011, was the official dedication of the new snowflake decorations.  Trudy Rice, K-State PRIDE Extension Associate, presented a Partners In PRIDE grant of $1,000 to PRIDE President Marian Thompson.  By years end, efforts in fundraising totaled $5,478.08.  Which such efforts it is no doubt that Highland will continue to raise support toward becoming the “Snowflake City of Kansas!”

Article from Kansas Government Journal,
October 2012 Volume 98-Number 10

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